Reham Al Zughier

CEO & Founder of C-Path

Reham Al Zughier is a multidisciplinary businesswoman with a mission to empower Jordanians through entrepreneurship programs, consultancy services, and impactful initiatives.

Through her extensive knowledge and comprehensive experiences that span over 12 years, Reham has participated in various campaigns and initiatives that work towards bettering the future of the Jordanian youth and Jordan, as a whole. Additionally, Reham is a dedicated member of several, distinct associations that strive in providing young men and women opportunities to thrive economically, academically, socially, and athletically.

Through her determination and entrepreneurial mindset, Reham is committed to creating and enhancing opportunities for the young generation. Reham strongly believes in the potential of the Jordanian youth and that by providing them, especially women, with the skills of strategic thinking, innovative planning and a clear path to professional development, Jordan will thrive economically and socially. For this reason, she founded her company Career Path (C-Path). Mirroring her mission, C-Path is dedicated to providing the youth with internationally certified and effective training programs that pave their path to success.

With a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Middle East University (MEU), Reham continued to invest in her knowledge and expertise on entrepreneurship, sustainable business strategies, creative thinking, and business management by enrolling and receiving international certifications from the University of London, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Imperial College London, and Harvard University

Reham Al Zughier has made a difference and will continue to create an impact across various industries and associations across the Kingdom and the region.